Behind the scenes: the Leaving Carolina video

Hello everyone!


We hope you have all seen our video for Leaving Carolina by now - if not, watch it here:


We made the video in April, and to turn it into a bit of a challenge we decided to go to a bothy on top of the hill behind where we live. John packed a sled with our equipment, and we put our instruments on our backs and headed up the hill. By the time we were finished it had gone really dark and we realised that it was too dark to see the red crosses we were meant to follow to get off the hill. Fortunately, John had packed head torches, just as a last thought, and thanks to them we could see the reflectors on the crosses. Otherwise we might have had to go back to the bothy and spend the night there...



John got the worst deal with the sled......


The steepest bit....



The view towards Tandådalen and Hundfjället.





So much snow!



Hope you like the video!



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