Long live The Cross-Eyed Gals!


When I lived in Scotland I used to be in a band called The Cross-Eyed Gals. At first it was me, Liza Mulholland, and Claire Campbell (from the brilliant band Abagail Grey), then it was just me and Liza, and then it was me, Liza, and John (as the "honorary gal"!). We played quite a few gigs, and did mostly our own songs as well as covers, like Lucinda Williams and Stacey Earle. We haven't had a chance to play together for the last few years, but I think we all hope that one of these days..... we'll get another chance to play music together!

Here's one of Liza's beautiful songs, with Liza on vocals and piano, John on guitar, and me on harmony vocals:


When next you see me from The Cross-Eyed Gals on Myspace.



And do check out Liza's band Dorec-a-belle - thay have a new album out and it's very very good:





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