The Fabulous Rory Gallagher 1948-1995


A live take from one of my guitar idols.  Rory Gallagher, such talent and energy.  I bought a 10" vinyl of Shadow play in 1978 and it became my most prized of my record collection.  RIP Rory, thanks for your music and inspiration. They don't make 'em like you anymore.

The band were a fabulous power trio and almost seemed to have supernatural powers of telepathy as a musical unit. All this at a time when there was no "fix in the mix" auto tune and only basic effects, these were either on or off. Rory often stated that he spent more time waiting to play than actually performing and he used this time to meet and spend time with his audience rather than be the aloof rock star. One of the great things I liked about Rory was that he would buy a ticket for a show of any performer he chose to see instead of being put on the guest list as he could have easily done. Rory Gallagher, musician and gentleman.



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