The Major Seconds at the Putte i Parken festival 2017 in Leksand

Hi there! We just uploaded our set from the Putte i Parken festival in Leksand with The Major Seconds a couple of weeks ago - click on the link below to listen! The songs are: 1) Angelo 2) Rise with the River 3) Leaving Carolina 4) Turning a Corner - all written by John! Hope you like - it would be great to hear what you think! <3 On organ and vocals: Emil Karl Roland Sjölin, and on drums and vocals: Anton Igelström. These guys are so fabulous - we are so proud and happy and grateful to get to play music on stage with them...... <3 Tack!! This festival was such a great experience for us: big stage, fantastic sound, good organisation, lovely audience, and beautiful sunshine! Thank you Dalapop for inviting us to play! <3



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