Who is Christopher Börjars?

So some of you may have seen the name "Christopher Börjars" on the back of our CD's. But who is he? Well, not only is he our producer, recording technician, and close friend, he is also the best musician I have ever met, who writes the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful lyrics, and the catchiest melodies.


In 1999, his band Sound Express won the Swedish dansband championships. His band Hôss has taken on the gigantic task of copying the musical output of Kiss, in detail, in chronological order, and "in the style of": studio albums, live albums, and solo albums, but with original material. (And their own stage outfits!) Christopher is currently working on a solo album of songs in Swedish under the name of Vintervik.


Christopher is a prolific songwriter, a fantastic performer on stage, and he's fast and accurate by the mixing desk. He is so nice about helping out with arrangements, and he's added some beautiful harmony vocals, bass guitar, and piano to our recordings. We really can't thank him enough for his help and support, and we wish him all the best for his future musical adventures!


You can listen to some of his music below!



A song from Christopher's band The Grounds:



A song from his Vintervik project of songs in Swedish: 



Some info on Hôss:




And one of his songs in Swedish that me and John have had the privilege to join him on:



More info here: http://vintervik.se/