Beetroot salad from Wålstedts.... and happy new year!


Hej! Just in time for the new year celebrations, here is a fantastic recipe for an unusual beetroot salad! It's from Wålstedts, an organic farm near where we live in Sweden: 



0.5 kg fresh beetroots

0.75 dl olive oil

2 table spoons (msk) soy sauce

1 dl salted peanuts

herbal salt (örtsalt)


1) Boil the beetroots until soft (approx. 40 minutes).

2) Peel the beetroots and grate them into a bowl.

3) Add the peanuts.

4) Mix the soy sauce and olive oil and add to the salad.

5) Add herbal salt to taste.

6) Serve with for example oven roast potatoes.


I would like to share this recipe especially with Mr Jerry Vandiver, who was so kind to me in Nashville! He invited me for thanksgiving dinner with him, his beautiful wife Gracie, and their friends, and we spent the afternoon cooking vegan thanksgiving dishes. That's where I mentioned this salad, so here it is, Jerry! :)

Jerry and Gracie also invited me to the Bluebird Café to listen to Jerry sing, and I'm so grateful for that, because getting into the Bluebird, even to listen, is hard!! Thank you so much for your hospitality, Jerry and Gracie, it was such a great night! xx

PS. Watch Jerry sing his song fantastic For a Little While, made famous by Tim McGraw, below:



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