The new musical adventures of Mr Ulf Nygårds


Did you ever wonder what happened to the talented Mr Ulf Nygårds from Lima, Sweden, who used to play a lot of gigs with me and John? Yes? I thought we'd update you on his current musical adventures by sharing with you his latest song and video!


When he's not playing the lute or practising the church organ, Ulf is creating progressive rock music together with Roland Skogmo from Rörbäcksnäs, under the band name Powerty Patent. This project really gives him a chance to participate in all the parts of the creation process, as he's playing most of the instruments himself, writing the melodies, and the lyrics together with Roland.


Here's the video for their beautiful song On a Beam:





And here's a video from a gig we did with Ulf at the Vildros festival in Horndal last summer:




Hope you like!


Sofie xx


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