Meeting Steve Earle in Stockholm....!

On the 11 June 2013 we went to Nalen in Stockholm to see Steve Earle play.... We love Steve Earle, and his music has meant such a lot to the both of us.

He played with The Dukes that night…


The Fabulous Rory Gallagher 1948-1995


A live take from one of my guitar idols.  Rory Gallagher, such talent and energy.  I bought a 10" vinyl of Shadow play in 1978 and it became my most prized of my record collection.  RIP Rory, thanks for your…


Best bean burger recipe ever!

Dear All,

Today I would like to share with you the best recipe for bean burgers that I have ever found! This "mince" is really easy too handle, doesn't fall apart, and it's beautiful to look at as well! :)


Introducing: John's guitars. Part 2.

I know, all guitars sound the same, right? Just like a tradesperson has specific tools for a certain job so can instruments affect the sound quality of any music track, piece, style, or song. I am very proud to have…


Introducing: John's guitars. Part 1.

John has gathered a few guitars over the years, but in this video, he will show you his two main guitars: his Martin J65M and his Bourgeois Soloist.

The Martin is the one he usually plays live - it's been…


Long live The Cross-Eyed Gals!


When I lived in Scotland I used to be in a band called The Cross-Eyed Gals. At first it was me, Liza Mulholland, and Claire Campbell (from the brilliant band Abagail Grey), then it was just me and Liza…


Who is Christopher Börjars?

So some of you may have seen the name "Christopher Börjars" on the back of our CD's. But who is he? Well, not only is he our producer, recording technician, and close friend, he is also the best musician I…

John and Sofie walk the Vasaloppsleden... almost!

On Sunday 17 August me and John set out from Berga in Sälen to walk the Vasaloppsleden to Mora. Vasaloppsleden is the hiking path where the Vasaloppet ski race also takes place in March every year, as well as the…


"Through the Pines" DADGAD tuning tutorial

Hello all,

I have made a wee film in the form of an open tuned guitar tutorial to accompany a video of one of our compositions called "Through the Pines" which we hope you might find some inspiration in, or…


The new musical adventures of Mr Ulf Nygårds


Did you ever wonder what happened to the talented Mr Ulf Nygårds from Lima, Sweden, who used to play a lot of gigs with me and John? Yes? I thought we'd update you on his current musical adventures by sharing…