From the recording Leaving Carolina

The Carolinas, and notably, Charleston, SC, became a prominent landing point for Scottish families as a result of the Highland clearances. The story of Leaving Carolina is written from the point of view of a modern day relative of those earlier immigrants having to return to the Highlands and homelands. John served with the Queen’s Own Seaforth and Cameron Highlanders and wrote this song whilst on leave in the USA recuperating after a near fatal car accident in the Belizean jungle. 


Well, my head’s stuck on the pillow
‘Cause I know it’s time to go
As daylight falls on Charleston
My mood is oh so low
And I’m walking down the garden
Only look back to close the gate
One last run in the Chevy
On Columbia interstate
Farewell ye’ Battery
And your projects
Where hope grows thin
I’m leaving Carolina
Of times we’ve had the best
Just one last stop to make
Before I touch down in Inverness
And that’s to say goodbye to you
My heart is pulled down and torn in two
I am leaving Carolina
All the palmtrees by the roadside
Are waving in the wind
The sun dips on the skyline
The new day forth to bring
Last night weighs heavy
On a heart that’s very low
I’m leaving Carolina....
Southern comfort afore you go
While Fogerty plays on the radio
I’m leaving Carolina...
I am leaving Carolina
On the early morning plane
Yes, I am...