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How to help your favourite artists for free! Lesson 2: youtube! 

If you'd like to help your favourite artists for FREE there is a lot you can do, and it's so appreciated, it really helps! <3


1) On the artist's channel: a) click "subscribe", and b) remember to click on the bell so that you actually get notified when the artist uploads new content!

2) On individual videos: like, leave a comment, and share! It's really easy to share, just click "share" (on the right underneath the video), and from there you can directly share the video to e.g. Facebook and Twitter…

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How to help your favourite artists for free! Lesson 1: Spotify! 

It's a jungle out there! So many different platforms and so much liking and sharing and following to do.... We are trying to understand it all at the moment, as we are attempting to get our new single/video Angelo ( out there, so we wanted to share some of the knowledge we've gained with you. If you'd like to help your favourite artists for FREE there is a lot you can do, and it's so appreciated, it really helps! <3


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The true heroes of the music industry 

One question often posed to musicians is: what would you like to see in your local area that would help you as a musician? The answer is often this: more music venues. I would have a different reply though: more people who come out and listen to music! We find that there are many places to play here in Dalarna, where we live, but the problem is often that it's hard for the venues to attract an audience, and it's especially hard to attract a paying audience, so that us musicians can get paid for our work…

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How to help a musician - for free! 

If you appreciate somebody's music, there is a really great way to help that artist, and the best thing is that it's free: share, comment, watch, follow, subscribe, and join the mailing list! For us DIY musicians, who rely on ourselves in everything we do, people sharing and noticing all the work and effort we spend putting out music and videos etc warms the heart! And furthermore, it actually really helps us, because our material gets put in front of other people who might not have discovered us…

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Some photos from the filming of the DALARNA video! 

On a sunny late winter's day, we packed ourselves, all our gear, and the dog, onto Roland Skogmo's (aka Bionic Burp: snow scooter and headed out into the wilderness of Dala-dalarna, Sweden, just outside Rörbäcksnäs, near the border to Norway, to film the official video for our new song DALARNA. Here are some photos from that beautiful day! PS. You can watch the finished video here:












The Major Seconds at the Putte i Parken festival 2017 in Leksand 

Hi there! We just uploaded our set from the Putte i Parken festival in Leksand with The Major Seconds a couple of weeks ago - click on the link below to listen! The songs are: 1) Angelo 2) Rise with the River 3) Leaving Carolina 4) Turning a Corner - all written by John! Hope you like - it would be great to hear what you think! <3 On organ and vocals: Emil Karl Roland Sjölin, and on drums and vocals: Anton Igelström. These guys are so fabulous - we are so proud and happy and grateful to get to play music…

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New EP on Spotify! 

Our live EP with The Major Seconds, called Turning a corner, is now out on Spotify!


Listen, enjoy, share, and please follow us on Spotify as it will make a big difference when trying to spread our music!


Thank you so much! <3

Sofie, John, Anton, and Emil xx




Johns veranda! 

Hi there!

Happy first of December! :)

We have been at home on our hill the whole autumn, and every Friday night we have been doing our Johns veranda video series! It's been so great, we have been absolutely blown away with the response we have had and with all the positive comments!

It's been an opportunity for us to play live in front of online, real-time audiences of up to 800 people, to connect with friends old and new, and to hear what people think of our music. And just to hang-out, be social, and…

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