How to help your favourite artists for free! Lesson 2: youtube!

If you'd like to help your favourite artists for FREE there is a lot you can do, and it's so appreciated, it really helps! <3


1) On the artist's channel: a) click "subscribe", and b) remember to click on the bell so that you actually get notified when the artist uploads new content!

2) On individual videos: like, leave a comment, and share! It's really easy to share, just click "share" (on the right underneath the video), and from there you can directly share the video to e.g. Facebook and Twitter, or copy the link so that you can share it however you want. 

3) You can also add videos to your own playlist(s) by clicking "save", also to the right just under the video.

We, and all other artists out there, will LOVE you for any of these steps that you carry out! Thank you so much! <3

Next time: FACEBOOK!

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